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What is a target letter?

What is a target letter? A target letter is a letter from the federal government telling you that you are a target for criminal prosecution.  It is frequently used in white collar crimes and is typically the first sign that you are under investigation.  A target can be defined as someone where the government believes there is substantial evidence.  The target letter notifies you of: the crime or crimes that you are suspected of committing; your right to assert the Fifth Amendment; and information for obtaining court-appointed lawyer. Importantly, the target letter will caution you against destroying any evidence, which could result in...

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Search warrant defenses

Search warrant Defenses Challenging Probable cause A magistrate must conclude that probable cause exists before issuing a search warrant, but probable cause does not mean absolute certainty. Magistrates are concerned with probabilities and not certainties. The evidence contained in the affidavit need not be sufficient to support a conviction, or a verdict of guilty, or to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, nor need the proof be positive. It is enough if the evidence is such as to induce in the mind of the issuing officer an honest belief that the facts set forth exist, or as would lead a man of prudence...

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South Carolina Search Warrant Laws

South Carolina Search Warrant Laws Who can issue a search warrant? Any magistrate, municipal judge with the powers of a magistrate or any judge of any court having jurisdiction over the area where the property sought is located, may issue a warrant to search for and seize certain items. See 17-13-140 The South Carolina search warrant laws can be complicated and it's vital that you understand your rights when defending these types of cases. Basis for a search warrant? The search warrant may authorize police to search and seize: Stolen or embezzled property; Property, the possession of which is unlawful; Property used or possessed with...

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South Carolina Minor in Possession of Alcohol

South Carolina Minor in Possession of Alcohol Living and going to school in Charleston, South Carolina with its numerous bars and colleges facing a minor in possession of alcohol charge is not that uncommon. There is a strong effort by local law enforcement to arrest those that are drinking under the legal age of 21 years and because of this effort, prosecutors also take a strong position in prosecuting these cases.  Talk to an experienced Chalreston Criminal defense attorney today and get the advice you need to fight your South Carolina Minor in Possession of Alcohol charge. You Could Lose Your Driver’s...

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How to get my license back after a DUI

How to get my license back after a DUI When you have been charged with a DUI your license will be suspended if you fall under one of two categories: 1) refused to provide a breath sample; or 2) provided a breath sample that was greater than 0.15%. You are told that your license will be suspended for six (6) months if you refuse to blow or one (1) month if you blew over 0.15%.  Does this mean you have no options to get a DUI license?  No, you can drive lawfully if you request an administrative hearing but you must do so within...

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