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South Carolina Minor in Possession of Alcohol

South Carolina Minor in Possession of Alcohol Living and going to school in Charleston, South Carolina with its numerous bars and colleges facing a minor in possession of alcohol charge is not that uncommon. There is a strong effort by local law enforcement to arrest those that are drinking under the legal age of 21 years and because of this effort, prosecutors also take a strong position in prosecuting these cases.  Talk to an experienced Chalreston Criminal defense attorney today and get the advice you need to fight your South Carolina Minor in Possession of Alcohol charge. You Could Lose Your Driver’s...

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I have an arrest warrant, now what

I have an arrest warrant, now what? Do you have an outstanding arrest warrant?   Have the police been looking for you or leaving phone messages for you to contact them?  Do you know how to find out if you have a warrant or what you need to do if you do have an outstanding arrest warrant? It’s important to act fast if there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest because you can be taken to jail even if the police find you by accident.  For example, if you are a passenger in a car and did nothing wrong but the police...

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What is Possession of Cocaine in South Carolina

What is Possession of Cocaine in South Carolina If you are charged with possession of cocaine in South Carolina then you probably realize that you need help.  A drug conviction can remain on your criminal record where anyone from your employer, landlord, or school can run a background check and learn of the conviction.  Often, this type of charge can prohibit you from getting that job, or into an apartment.  If you have been charged with possession of cocaine then it’s vital that you seek the help of a Charleston criminal defense attorney. What is possession of cocaine When your discussing possession of...

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Charleston Shoplifting Defense Attorney

Charleston Shoplifting Defense Lawyer More and more store owners are taking shoplifting charges seriously and pursue these charges strongly.  Many large chain stores have loss prevention officers that are private security personnel employed by the store who watch the stores video cameras to catch shoplifters in the act.  The typical scenario is that the Loss Prevention Officer will physically stop you from leaving the scene and take you into a room where they question you and tell you they have you on camera trying to leave the store without paying for certain goods.  They don’t read you your Miranda warnings and...

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What is Juvenile Arbitration?

Understanding Juvenile Arbitration The juvenile arbitration program is designed to give first time offenders the opportunity to divert their case from formal prosecution by completing certain requirements determined by an arbitrator.  The Charleston arbitration program began in 1999 and has had great success since its inception.  To learn more about this program call Charleston juvenile criminal defense attorney Dale Savage at (843) 530-7813. What is the purpose of Juvenile Arbitration Permit first time offenders, on eligible crimes, to divert their case from formal court proceedings by completing a list of tailor made requirements that are assigned by an arbitrator. It is also a benefit...

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