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Can I get a temporary driver’s license after DUI in SC

How To Get a Temporary License after a DUI in SC Facing a drink driving offense such as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving with an unlawful concentration of alcohol Concentration (DUAC) has many collateral consequences that will impact your life almost immediately.  In addition to the threat of a jail sentence or fines, the first and most immediate impact in your life is that your license has probably been suspended.  This article discusses the several types of temporary alcohol license SC available to you if your driver’s license has been suspended because of a drink driving arrest or conviction. This...

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South Carolina Drug Penalties

South Carolina Drug penalties Imposing harsh punishment for drug crimes has been the mantra of legislators around the country for over four decades now, ever since the Nixon era “War on drugs” began.  Although many states have started to realize that arresting our way out of the problem simply hasn’t worked the new U.S. Attorney General has announced that he is going to get tough on drug crimes, even minor marijuana offenses and those states that have legalized marijuana possession at the state level will be prosecuted in federal courts.  Because of this new policy shift it is vital that you...

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What does hand of one hand of all mean?

What does the hand of one hand of all mean? The state of South Carolina recognizes a legal theory called accomplice liability and it is often described as “the hand of one hand of all.”  The hand of one hand of all applies when there are accomplices to a crime acting together. The Supreme Court of South Carolina in State v. Kelsey, held that “if a crime is committed by two or more persons who are acting together in the commission of a crime, then the act of one is the act of both."  Where two or more combine together to commit...

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What is a target letter?

What is a target letter? A target letter is a letter from the federal government telling you that you are a target for criminal prosecution.  It is frequently used in white collar crimes and is typically the first sign that you are under investigation.  A target can be defined as someone where the government believes there is substantial evidence.  The target letter notifies you of: the crime or crimes that you are suspected of committing; your right to assert the Fifth Amendment; and information for obtaining court-appointed lawyer. Importantly, the target letter will caution you against destroying any evidence, which could result in...

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Search warrant defenses

Search warrant Defenses Challenging Probable cause A magistrate must conclude that probable cause exists before issuing a search warrant, but probable cause does not mean absolute certainty. Magistrates are concerned with probabilities and not certainties. The evidence contained in the affidavit need not be sufficient to support a conviction, or a verdict of guilty, or to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, nor need the proof be positive. It is enough if the evidence is such as to induce in the mind of the issuing officer an honest belief that the facts set forth exist, or as would lead a man of prudence...

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