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As a Charleston DUI Lawyer I am often asked questions about driving under the influence and the South Carolina DUI laws.  Below is a list of some of the most common question there are.

Can I refuse the Breath test?

Yes, you can refuse to take a breathalyzer.  However, a refusal may result in a six (6) month administrative suspension of your license to drive. This is because when you obtained your South Carolina drivers license you consented to taking a breath test if suspected of DUI.  Often I can help you get your license much sooner, read this blog article “Should I take the DUI breath test?”

Will I have a criminal record?

A DUI conviction is a criminal offense and stays on your criminal record forever. Worse yet, a prior conviction can be used for enhancement if you are charged again within 10 years. That’s why it is important to seek an experienced Charleston DUI Lawyer to challenge the evidence and fight for your rights. A DUI arrest is not a conviction, I can help protect your rights and work to get you the best possible resolution.  See what the DUI Penalties are in South Carolina.

Can I enroll in PTI or get a DUI expunged?

No, unfortunately in the state of South Carolina DUI does not qualify for PTI (Pre-trial Intervention) and it cannot be expunged from your record ever.

I blew over 0.08%, how can a lawyer help?

There are many requirements regarding the admissibility of a breath test, so the fact that you blew .08 or above does not mean the evidence is admissible against you in court. Call Mt. Pleasant DUI Lawyer, Dale Savage, for a thorough review of your case to determine what evidence is and is not admissible against you.

What happens if you’re under 21 yrs. of age and get arrested for DUI?

South Carolina has a “zero tolerance” policy for anyone under the age of 21 for drinking and driving. You only need to have an alcohol concentration of just 0.02% or more to suffer the penalties for underage drinking and driving. The consequences of a conviction for DUI are severe and can result in the loss of eligibility for a LIFE scholarship. Call Mount Pleasant DUI Attorney, Dale Savage, to protect your rights.

What are the consequences of a DUI?

A DUI conviction may result in heavy fines, suspension of your license, potential jail time, increased insurance premiums for 3 years (SR22), ADSAP completion (alcohol counseling) just to name a few.

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