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Domestic Violence Laws in Charleston, SC

Domestic Violence Laws in Charleston, SC As a Charleston criminal domestic violence lawyer, I deal with criminal domestic violence laws in both magistrate and general sessions courts.  Often people are surprised when they are arrested for domestic violence for what they perceive as a minor argument especially when there was no physical contact with the household member.  Make no mistake, domestic violence laws in Charleston, SC, even for magistrate/municipal level offenses are taken seriously by police and prosecutors alike.  That's why you need to to speak with an attorney that knows domestic violence laws in Charleston, SC. What is Domestic Violence? Domestic violence...

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What is a No Contact Order in SC

What is a No Contact Order in SC If you have been charged with domestic violence in South Carolina in most cases you will have been given a bond with certain conditions. This is most likely the first time you will have asked what is a no contact order in SC.   One of the most common conditions is that there be no contact from you with the alleged victim in the case either verbally or electronically.  Yes, this means that you will have to move out of the home where you were living and cannot return until the bond condition has...

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South Carolina Marijuana Laws

South Carolina Marijuana Laws With the Trump administration ramping up the war on drugs the focus on making drug arrests have increased across the country including South Carolina.  That means the typical police tactic of making pre-textual (see below) traffic stops will continue and most likely increase.  Understanding South Carolina marijuana laws is vital and why you should seek the help of a Charleston criminal defense attorney. What is a pre-textual stop? A pre-textual traffic stop is when police suspect that you are involved in criminal activity such as possession drugs but have not evidence yet.  They conduct a lawful traffic stop for...

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SC DUI Laws A DUI arrest is one of the most well-known charges of all criminal offenses.  Whenever an actor, politician, police officer or any high profile person is arrested for DUI their face and arrest is typically all over the news.  However, what isn’t known by most unless you’re a lawyer or in law enforcement is the serious implications and collateral consequences associated with these convictions and the mine field that SC DUI Laws takes once you’ve been arrested. If you’re drivers license is suspended from a DUI in South Carolina then you certainly become aware of the immediate impact this...

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Can I get a temporary driver’s license after DUI in SC

How To Get a Temporary License after a DUI in SC Facing a drink driving offense such as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving with an unlawful concentration of alcohol Concentration (DUAC) has many collateral consequences that will impact your life almost immediately.  In addition to the threat of a jail sentence or fines, the first and most immediate impact in your life is that your license has probably been suspended.  Contact a Charleston criminal defense lawyer today at (843) 530-7813 to get help on your case.. This is one of the many reasons why you need to retain a Mt....

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