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Firearm offenses are one of the most common in the state of South Carolina. Both State and Federal laws cover gun crimes in South Carolina so it’s important to consult with an experienced Charleston Gun Crimes Lawyer that is familiar with both court systems when seeking legal guidance in your case.  If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a Felony gun crime in South Carolina it’s important to understand your rights so you can effectively fight the charge.  It’s important that you understand where it is lawful to carry a gun about your person and when transporting it in your vehicle.

Unlawful Carrying a Handgun

This is the most common firearm offense that results in an arrest. See S.C.Code 16-23-20  This gun crime deals with how the gun is being transported not wether the gun itself is illegal.  You can own a handgun lawfully and still be charged with this offense. Typically a driver is pulled over for a minor traffic offense and during the traffic stop the police ask “Are any weapons inside or something illegal that I should know about?”  You tell them there’s a gun and learn the hard way that you had a lawfully possessed gun but it was stored in the wrong place.  What does the state have to prove for a conviction?

  1. Carrying about the person
  2. A handgun.

The statute really is that simple.  This charge does not control who can lawfully own a firearm or wether you are the owner of the gun, that does not matter.  If you are in possession of a handgun in South Carolina, then you must transport it in a legal manner or you run the risk of picking up this charge.

What Does “About the Person” mean?

The Attorney General has interpreted “about the person” to mean ANY position where the pistol is readily accessible and convenient for immediate use, whether or not it actually touches the person.

Where Can You Carry a Gun in a Vehicle?

There are four (4) main areas that you can legally carry a handgun in your vehicle:

  1. Closed glove compartment.
  2. Closed console.
  3. Closed trunk.
  4. Closed container secured by a fastener and in the luggage compartment (trunk of a motor vehicle).
North Charleston Gun Crime Lawyer
A gun in a closed glove compartment is legal.

Don’t Have a Trunk?

If you own a vehicle that does not equipped with a trunk, which is more common in todays mid-sized SUV’s then the following will give you guidance:

  • The area the manufacturer designed luggage to be carried or where luggage is customarily carried.
  • In a station wagon, van, hatchback vehicle, or SUV, the area behind the rearmost seat.
  • In a truck, the area behind the rearmost seat.

Can You Carry a Gun on a Motorcycle?

Yes, in a closed saddlebag or other similar closed accessory container attached to the motorcycle.

Where Not to Carry a Gun in a Vehicle

The following areas are the most common areas where arrests are made for having a lawfully owned gun but storing it in the wrong place inside the vehicle.

Mt. Pleasant Gun Crime Lawyer
A “readily accessible” gun is unlawful.

16 Gun Crime Defenses

There are 16 exceptions to the Unlawful Carrying a Handgun statute, contact Dale Savage a Charleston gun crimes lawyer to discuss your case and facts for a free case evaluation.


misdemeanor gun conviction will result in a criminal record and carries a penalty of up to 0-1 year in prison and confiscation of the weapon.

Have a Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP)

The law changed on February 11, 2014 for those that hold a concealed weapons permit (See Bill 308).  If you have a valid South Carolina CWP then it is lawful for you to carry a handgun under the seat or in an open container in the vehicle.

Can You Carry a Gun into a Bar or Restaurant?

The answer to that question is YESbut it depends.  On February 11th, 2014 the governor of South Carolina signed Bill 308 (read more Here) a new law allowing guns in bars, restaurants etc. under certain conditions.  First, you must possess a concealed weapons permit, second, you cannot consume any alcohol on the premises even if you are carrying a concealed weapon, and third, if the business posts a sign prohibiting weapons and you ignore it, you can be charged.  Penalties under the new law is a up to 2 years in prison and/or a $2,000 fine, it is a misdemeanor offense.

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