Felony Gun Crimes


When you are facing a Charleston felony gun crime it is important to understand that both State and Federal law cover gun crimes in South Carolina.  Understanding this is critical to your case which is why you need to  consult an experienced Charleston Felony Gun Crimes Lawyer that is familiar with both forums when seeking legal guidance in your South Carolina firearm arrest.

What is a Felony Gun Crimes Crime?

This charge differs from “Unlawful Carrying” in two important ways.  First, it is a felony gun charge and second, you can be charged with this offense even if you had the gun stored in a lawful place.  For example, the gun was in a closed glove compartment of your vehicle but the serial number is obliterated or it is a stolen.  What does the state have to prove?

  1. Possession or acquisition;
  1. Of a handgun;
    1. That is stolen;
    2. The serial number has been removed or obliterated.
  1. By
    1. Any person convicted of a crime of violence;
    2. A fugitive from justice;
    3. An habitual drunkard;
    4. A drug addict;
    5. Anyone adjudicated mentally incompetent;
    6. A person under 18 yrs. of age (with exceptions)
    7. Any person adjudicated unfit by a Circuit or County judge.
Mt. Pleasant Gun Crime Lawyer

What is a Crime of Violence?

Under this statute, crime of violence means:


Unlawful possession of a handgun is classified as a felony gun crime and carries 0-5 years in prison and confiscation of the weapon.

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