Can I get a temporary driver’s license after DUI in SC

How To Get a Temporary License after a DUI in SC

Facing a drink driving offense such as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving with an unlawful concentration of alcohol Concentration (DUAC) has many collateral consequences that will impact your life almost immediately.  In addition to the threat of a jail sentence or fines, the first and most immediate impact in your life is that your license has probably been suspended.  Contact a Charleston criminal defense lawyer today at (843) 530-7813 to get help on your case.. This is one of the many reasons why you need to retain a Mt. Pleasant DUI attorney.  If your driver’s license has been suspended from a drink driving arrest then you have thirty (30) days where you can obtain a Temporary Alcohol Restricted License (TARL) that will enable you to drive legally in South Carolina.  If you have a job, go to school or simply need to get your kids to where there going you can’t do this without a license.  Below are some of the licenses you can get if your license has been suspended.

Types of Temporary Driver’s Licenses

There are three types of temporary alcohol license SC.  Which one applies to you will depend on your situation so it’s important to contact a Charleston DUI attorney to understand which temporary alcohol license SC applies to you. Temporary Alcohol Restricted License (TARL): this type of license can be obtained after an arrest for a DUI or DUAC. This driver’s license is used by someone that refused to provide a breath sample and have requested an administrative hearing.  It is valid for the period of time between your arrest and the administrative hearing to challenge your license suspension (must be requested within 30 days of suspension). Unlike the other two types of temporary licenses, a TARL is for those who have not (yet) been convicted.  Discuss this with your attorney to see if you qualify. Provisional drives license: this license applies when you have been convicted of a DUAC and you are required to keep it for the duration of your suspension.  You must obtain SR-22 insurance and enroll in ADSAP before it may be granted. Route restricted license: this license applies when you have been convicted of a DUI and runs for the period of the suspension depending on your circumstances. The restrictions are limited to driving to work, school, court appointments, etc.

Provisional License

A provisional license may be granted after a first offense DUAC or DUI conviction. A provisional license means that you can drive to work, school, grocery stores, social activities, church and court-mandated programs imposed as part of your DUAC conviction. Basically, this license allows you to drive as if you had your original driver’s license. To obtain a provisional driver’s license you will need to pay $100 to your local DMV. A provisional license requires the following:
  • You must have SC driver’s license.
  • There are no other license suspensions.
  • You must be enrolled in the Alcohol and Drug Safety Program (ADSAP).
  • You must have an SR-22 insurance (required for 3 years).
  • In some cases first offense DUAC and DUI convictions, you will need to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) to your vehicle. This stops you from operating your car until you blow into a device that measures your blood-alcohol content. An IID is required for all drivers who are convicted more than once for DUAC or DUI and for those first offense convictions where the blood alcohol content is above a .15.
Your provisional driver’s license lasts for the duration of your suspension. Once your suspension expires, you can obtain a regular driver’s license but you must pay a reinstatement fee of $100 and have completed the ADSAP program.

Route Restricted License

If you have a second offense DUI or DUAC, a route restricted license allows you to drive during a defined time and places. You are only entitled to one route restricted license during your lifetime for these types of suspensions.
  • Alcohol Violation
  • Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC .15)
  • Failure to Stop for a Blue Light
  • False Insurance Certification
  • Implied Consent violation
Importantly, a route restricted license is available only once in your lifetime unless you driver’s license was suspended for a charge that was not DUI related. The process for obtaining a route restricted license requires you to submit Form DL-127 to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  There are restrictions on when and where you can drive lawfully with this type of temporary license.  Form DL-127 requires you to detail where you commute to work or school. Remember, this type of restricted driver’s license only allows you to drive to these places. The cost for a route restricted license is $100. You will need to carry a route restricted driver’s license for the duration of your suspension.

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