Heroin Possession

Heroin Possession in South Carolina

Possession of heroin in South Carolina.  The number of arrests for heroin have increased dramatically in the last few years, one of the main reasons for this is that people are using heroin to self-medicate when their prescriptions for pain medications have expired.

Hi, my name is Dale Savage and I’m a criminal defense attorney here in Charleston, SC and today we’re talking about heroin charges.

Possession of heroin is one of those charges where a criminal defense attorney you can really help someone if they are willing to make changes in their life.  Heroin addiction can be a life-long battle but its a fight worth having.

What’s the Law?

When dealing with these charges you need to address the legal elements that the state must prove, which is:

  • Possession (actual/constructive);
  • Of a controlled substance (heroin)
    • 1st Misdemeanor 0-2 yrs. in prison and/or fine $5K
    • 2nd Felony 0-5 yrs. and/or fine $5K
    • 3rd Felony 0-5 yrs. and/or fine $10K

Get Help for Addiction Issues

Sometimes more important than what the criminal justice system can impose upon you is how you deal with any underlying issues that may be present for heroin addiction. There are a number of treatment options available such as in-patient and out-patient treatment centers.

Good attorneys know that it’s not only important that you try and resolve the present case favorably but help people with underlying substance abuse issues take the steps needed to get out of the criminal justice revolving door.

The most important thing is that you know you do have options and there is help out there if you want it, you just need to be prepared to take that first step.

Charleston, SC Drug Crimes Lawyer

If have been charged with possession of heroin and want to discuss your options, please call me at (843) 530-7813.  I hope this video was helpful and thanks for watching.

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