I have an arrest warrant, now what?

Do you have an outstanding arrest warrant?   Have the police been looking for you or leaving phone messages for you to contact them?  Do you know how to find out if you have a warrant or what you need to do if you do have an outstanding arrest warrant?

It’s important to act fast if there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest because you can be taken to jail even if the police find you by accident.  For example, if you are a passenger in a car and did nothing wrong but the police ask for your identity and run a background check you will be taken to jail immediately.  If you retain a Charleston criminal defense attorney before the police find you at least you can arrange for this to occur on your own terms so you minimize your time in jail, have an attorney representing you at the bond hearing.

What to do If you have an outstanding arrest warrant

If you are unsure if there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest or what the charge(s) maybe then contact a Charleston criminal defense lawyer who can talk to the police agency that has the warrant or the officer involved and they can verify any information needed.  Why would/should you voluntarily turn yourself in?  There are two reasons that you will want to turn yourself in 1) you get to set the process up so you spend the minimal amount of time in jail as possible (sometimes you can even avoid jail) 2) one of the factors that a bond judge considers wen setting your bond is whether you are a flight risk, turning yourself in demonstrates to the court that you are willing to appear when requested so the need for a large bond or even a surety bond is not needed.

Another important reason for retaining an attorney before turning yourself in is that your lawyer can talk to the police without waiving your right to remain silent and learn more about your case.  The Charleston bond hearing process is explained in this article.

Will you spend the night in jail?

Depending on the day and time that you are processed will greatly affect what time you will appear in front of a bond judge to set your bond.  If you turn yourself in early in the morning then it is common to appear before a just in the morning and once bond is granted you will be released that day if you are given a PR bond or pay the surety required to secure your release.  If the police find you late in the day then you will most likely spend the night in jail until the next available bond court hearing is held.

Charleston Criminal Defense Lawyer

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