New SC Expungement Law

New South Carolina Expungement Law

There’s a new SC expungement law allowing more convictions to qualify for expungements including some felonies.

Expungement of drug convictions

The new law provides for the expungement of the following drug convictions:

  • First offense simple possession of any drug can now be expunged after three years;
  • First offense possession of prescription drugs can be expunged after three years; and
  • First offense possession with intent to distribute (PWID) and drug can be expunged, however not until 20 years after completion of the sentence.

What are the requirements

As with the prior law you must not have any other convictions following your first offense or the conviction stays on your record for life.

You cannot have your record expunged if you have pending charges unless they have been pending for more than five (5) years.

While this is great news for those that have misdemeanor offenses for cocaine, crack, etc. waiting in most case over 20 yrs to have a PWID charge expunged means that record is going to follow you for a good part of your life.

South Carolina Expungement Lawyer

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