Top 10 Documents Needed in your Car Accident Claim

If you have been injured in a car accident do you know what documents are important for your case?  There are several documents that you will need to submit to the insurance adjuster so they can evaluate you claim.  Your attorney will need these documents and help you get them if you do not know how.  These documents are vital to your case because that’s what is evaluated to determine your claim.  Below is a list of some of the most important documents you will need to submit your car accident injury claim:

Police Report

If police responded to your car accident then there most likely will be an incident report from the responding officer on scene. Oftentimes police reports will contain crucial information about your accident claim. Furthermore those reports will contain basic information such as the date of the crash, time of day, weather conditions, sometimes witness information if any, and a diagram of the accident and damage. It may also contain the at-fault drivers insurance information.

Witness Statements

If any witness statements were given then it is critical to get a copy of them. Given today’s technology witness statements may come in written for such as in a police report or actual written statement or more commonly through recordings on a police body camera. If statements are on police body cameras then it’s important to act fast as different police agencies have varying policies on keeping copies of body camera footage.


Photographs are important because they provide a visual image of the accident scene at the time of the accident and that cannot be duplicated no matter what animation technology may be available. Oftentimes more than one person may take pictures of the scene on different devices such as cell phones. Police and accident investigation teams will go through a methodical process to document and preserve the scene in photographs. But what if the accident is perceived to be only minor and they don’t. Then it’s up to you or someone you know to help do this or ask someone nearby to take photos on theor phone and get their contact info or at a minimum give them yours. If a stranger is willing to take a couple of photos for you then I bet they are will to share it with you as well.

Tickets Related to the Car Accident

If the at-fault driver was given a ticket for the accident you were involved in make sure you appear in court, if possible, otherwise there’s a good chance the case will be dismissed and the insurance company may use that as a defense that they were not at fault. Additionally, the court hearing will most likely be recorded and if the at-fault driver makes any statements about guilt it can be used against them.

Medical Records

The more detailed your medical records are the better your chances at getting the compensation that is fair in your case. These records will detail the cause of your injuries, their extent, and the treatment sought as a result. Medical records can often be lengthy and expensive to obtain copies however they are vital to your claim because the responsible insurance company will not properly evaluate your case without them.

Medical Bills

Medical bills reflect the financial impact you have suffered as a result of your injuries. It’s important that you keep a list of all your medical providers and the receipts for payment or unpaid bills. This is used to value the compensation you deserve as a result of the at-fault driver.

Work Schedule

If you have missed any time from work because of the accident then keep a record of the time missed and the wages you have lost as a result. This can be used to determine the value of your case.

Car Insurance Policy

Your attorney will want to review your car insurance policy to determine the type of coverage you have and the amount. Your policy will also detail all of the exclusions that exist.

Health Insurance

In most cases your medical bills will have been paid by your health insurance. Your attorney will need your health insurance card to collect information about your plan in order to discuss your medical bills with your insurance company.

Medicare/Medicaid Card

If Medicare and/or Medicaid has been paying your medical bills they will almost certainly have a lien on any settlement you obtain (a right to be reimbursed). The process of determining whether or not they have a lien, and for how much, is a tedious and time-consuming process. Don’t take on that burden yourself, let your lawyer do the work for you.

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