Do I need a DMV Administrative Hearing?

If you have been arrested for South Carolina DUI and had your license suspended, then you may qualify for a Temporary Alcohol Restricted License (TARL). To do this, you first must request a DMV administrative hearing within 30 days of the notice of suspension, which is separate and apart from the criminal charge.

What is a TARL?

In South Carolina, the TARL permits you to drive lawfully following a DUI arrest while the administrative hearing and decision is pending. Once the administrative hearing has taken place the hearing officer will make their decision whether you were successful or not. If you win the hearing your original driver’s license will be reinstated until the outcome of the criminal charge has been resolved. If you lose the administrative hearing then your suspension will go back into effect and you will need to look at getting a route restricted license.

How much does this cost?

To request a DMV administrative hearing the cost will be $200 payable along with the request.  If you do not submit payment with the request the DMV will not schedule the hearing for you and the time may expire to request it again so it’s vital that the proper payment is submitted with your request.

How to request an Administrative Hearing?

Following your license suspension the officer will provide you a Notice of Suspension form. To request the DMV administrative hearing you can fill out this form yourself along with the filing fee ($200) or contact my office and once retained I will take care of this for you. The most important issue in requesting an administrative hearing is that it must be done within 30 days following your suspension or you lose that right forever including requesting a TARL, so make sure you do something once your license is suspended. Any delay past the 30 day time period will make it almost impossible to obtain a TARL so time is of the essence.

Charleston DUI Lawyer

A Driving Under the Influence in South Carolina arrest impacts your life immediately, especially if you have had your license suspended. The first step you need to take is talk to a South Carolina DUI Attorney to represent you and advise you through he process. Contact a Charleston DUI Lawyer at the Dale Savage Law Firm today to get help in your case, (843) 530-7813.

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