Gun Control – Can it end mass Shootings?

Gun control, few words create such strong reactions in America about government interfering with our lives.  “Why should I have my guns taken off me, I’ve done nothing wrong.”  I agree with you, if you’re a responsible gun owner and you don’t F#ck around with them then you should be allowed your guns.  But that’s not how society works.  We have to play to the 1% that are such Fu$%whits that ruin it of the rest of us.  We have to walk as our slowest person to keep society moving.

The point with gun control that was enacted in Australia was not implemented to end gun violence all together because it won’t.  Gun Control is about minimizing or eliminating mass shootings in the country so you don’t suffer such great loses in one event.  Importantly it is not about taking away all the guns from society and if you think otherwise then you lack the knowledge to understand the point and I’m not going to convince you otherwise.  Gun control was enacted to end gun mass shootings and the fact of the matter is that since 1996 there have been no mass shootings, that’s 19 years straight without a single mass shooting.  Now you could argue that this is coincidence or related to some other reason that does not exist, but the fact of the matter is Australia is now a much safer place to because of the legislation.

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