Gun Control – Has it ever worked?

Gun Control

It’s hard to imagine a more divisive issue than this.  It’s not that anyone doesn’t know that there is too much gun violence in the United States, I mean just look at the violence in our schools to know there’s a major problem.  Since the Sandy Hook School Massacre where twenty (20) children (1st graders) and six (6) adults were murdered there have been nearly 100 more school shootings.  And yet no changes in our laws.  Even in this state, South Carolina, where legislators are attempting to make laws tougher for CDV convictions following an expose from the Post and Courier, one of the first items that was struck down by legislators was banning offenders from firearms.

Did you know that the U.S has more guns per capita than Yemen.  Say What?  A hot bed for terrorism has less guns than the U.S., feeling safer yet?  Having personally lived through a country were gun legislation was enacted to specifically address the despicable acts of mass shootings and seeing the protests and complaints at the time, its really interesting to be able to look back at period and see how things look today.  I realize that I’m never going to change anyone’s idea on gun ownership, I gave up all hope following that despicable Sandy Hook massacre.  Always the optimist, I thought that even here in South Carolina that our legislators may get real about the problem when they were called out about the problem of domestic violence in this state, but one of the first decisions made was to NOT touch the gun rights of those convicted of Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV).  If you heard any of our elected officials talk about this issue and give their reasons why guns are off the table it just either made you infuriated or joyous, depending on which side of the argument you come down on.

Has it Ever Worked?

Instead of ranting on about gun laws and the numerous problems facing society in the U.S. I will just ask you to watch this interesting and humorous three-part series by John Oliver on the Daily Show (I can see  conservatives rolling their eyes already) where you actually get to see a country that is so similar to the U.S. in how it was formed and the culture of guns that were present that it really gives you a window into what positive results in society may be experienced as a consequence of sensible gun laws.

Part 1

Australia had 13 mass shootings (defined as 4 or more deaths at one time) in the previous 18 years before the country enacted sweeping legislation following a shooting massacre in a tiny fishing village of Port Arthur where 35 people were murdered and 23 others injured.  After the legislation, homicides from guns were reduced by 50%-60% and youth suicides were reduced dramatically as well.  Does that sound like a society that is better of as a whole?

Part 2

This section examines the political fall-out from gun control and really gets to the heart of the issue in the U.S., our elected officials.  The very people that we elect to make this world a better society are the same ones that block it from happening.  Political longevity is much more important than meaningful legislation.  Doing the right thing doesn’t equate to political success.

Part 3

Government is a dictatorship, taking away our right to defend ourself, democracy is at stake.  Does that sound familiar?  It takes a long time for reforms to be enacted.  Here legislation took 3 months and during that time period the same arguments you hear from gun rights lobby where heard in Australia.

What was the triggering act in Australia.

April 28th, 1996 Port Arthur, 35 deaths 23 wounded in a single act of violence.  However, this does not provide the whole picture because on March 13th, 1996 in Dunblane Scotland there was a school massacre of 16 children and 1 adult that had a deep impact on the gun laws in Australia.

Can you imagine the media not being able to report (wildly speculate) on a persons background before the trial begins.  How would that change the coverage of crimes that take place and all the feeding frenzy for inaccurate unchecked information that is common place in todays 24 hour news cycle.

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