Medical Marijuana Revolution

Charleston Marijuana LawyerCNN recently ran the final documentary series on medical marijuana in the United States.  This three-part series looked at the potential scientific benefits of medical marijuana and the changes in public policy, perception, and medicinal value that marijuana may possess.  Much has changed in recent years regarding scientific studies and the benefits of marijuana to treat a host of health issues.  It was not that long ago where there was virtually no authorized federal studies.  Now there are a number of federally approved clinical studies to see if marijuana can treat the symptoms of PTSD, cancer, pain, to epilepsy.  However, not all strains of marijuana grown legally are part of the federally approved study which limits the scientific research.

This episode of Dr Sanjay Gupta’s Weed 2 goes more in depth in regards to the barriers surrounding marijuana legalization. This episode also points out the hypocrisy in government surrounding this substance.  The intersection of popular politics and medical science have collided and the battle lines have been drawn.  Public perception of the stoner sitting around not working with the new generation of Americans that understand the propaganda of politics is flawed.  We have had three presidents and countless numbers of politicians admit to having smoked marijuana in their lifetime, but somehow still condemn it’s use for medicinal purposes, and forget about legalizing it (in most states).

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